Appointment with the study advisers History and Classics (GLTC)

The quickest ways to get a personal meeting with us is to drop by during one of our Open Consultation Hours. You can do so with any question or issue and without an appointment. We are located on the fifth floor of the Harmonie Buidling, room H1315.0501.

ATTENTION - Our Open Consulation Hours on Thursday 23 May and Thursday 13 June are cancelled -

Open Consultation Hours

  • Monday 12.30-13.30, History & GLTC, Bob van der Borg
  • Tuesday 13.30-14.30, History & GLTC, Hidde de Haas & Bob van der Borg
  • Thursday 10.00-11.00, History & GLTC, Hidde de Haas & Bob van der Borg

If you have a non-urgent issue for which you know you will need some more time, you can also book a personal appointment with one of us - room H1315.0501 - here under by clicking on one of the available time slots. The consultation hours by appointment are:

  • Wednesday 12.00-14:00, History & GLTC, Hidde de Haas & Bob van der Borg

Of course, you can always contact us via email with your questions and issues at We aim to answer all mails within one work week, and if we classify your issue as urgent, we will invite you for a personal meeting on short notice.

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